Top 10 Michelin star restaurants in the West End


Wednesday 22nd March 2023

There are over 17,000 restaurants in London. With so much competition and many diners coming from all over the world with high expectations, it takes something special to stand out. Nothing establishes a restaurant’s reputation for exceptional standards like a Michelin star. Awarding top restaurants around the world since 1926, a Michelin star is the most coveted in the industry, revered by the industry and the public alike. A chef will be awarded one, two or three stars depending on how much they impress the picky reviewers and stars can even be taken away if quality drops.

There are around 74 restaurants in London with Michelin stars, a percentage of which are in the West End. If you’re looking for somewhere to dine for a special occasion, or you’re just a foodie who can’t resist trying the crème de la crème, we choose our top ten West End restaurants to have made Michelin’s honourable guide.