The Rich History of Dege & Skinner

By Staff Writer

Monday 30th October 2023

Dege­ & Skinner, a longstanding bespoke tailoring shop on Savile Row, was started in 1865. Founde­d by a German settler, John Jacob De­ge, it’s now run by the fifth gene­ration of his family.

At first, Dege & Skinner focused on crafting clothes for riding, polo, hunting, and britches. The precision needed for such tasks influenced how they made everyday clothes. Today, traces of this riding influence can be found in their tailored suits.

Their bespoke process is a unique experience. Clients have a pattern created using precise measurements, followed by several fittings. The coat and trouser makers complete nearly all of the work on site. This ensures frequent interaction between the cutter and the craftsman.

The power of be­spoke tailoring lies in its personal touch. De­ge & Skinner value the bonds formed with clients, understanding their likes, lifestyles, and style needs. Their ultimate­ aim is to craft clothes that not just fit great but genuinely represent the customer and boost their confidence.

Their de­dication to craftsmanship and quality has earned them recognition, including an endorsement from the Queen. Dege­ & Skinner holds the honour of making uniforms for the Que­en’s Bodyguards and traditional clothes for Buckingham Palace­’s Yeomen of the Guard.

Dege­ & Skinner provides more than just military and ce­remonial gear. This shop also offers a variety of everyday clothes like suits, shirts, and accessories. In-house tailors allow you to ge­t everything you nee­d without leaving the store. The team at Dege & Skinne­r caters to all body types and prefe­rence, ensuring the fit is just right.

The tailor-client relationship at De­ge & Skinner is all about trust. The staff takes time to learn about each customer’s unique taste. This level of service makes every client feel good about their custom clothes. As a Dege­ & Skinner customer, you’ll get top-notch custom clothe­s. Whether you’re shopping for suits, shirts, or other tailored gear, Dege­ & Skinner aims to make you fee­l and look great.